1. Zee Dog Mr.X Dog Toy


Made of a super soft plush outer layer, Mr. X hides a super tough natural rubber core. It's like getting two toys in one: a no-stuff plush toy and a natural rubber toy hidden inside. This no-stuffing toy is ready for any play adventure. The built-in gnaw guard adds a layer of safety. Width: 3 inches Height: 5 inches Sizes

Dimensions:  Length: 5.1 in (13 cm); Width: 3.14 in (8 cm)

Details 2-in-1 plush chew toy for dogs - plush toy on the outside and a natural rubber toy inside When the dog rips off the plush outer layer, a natural, non-toxic rubber toy is revealed Super soft plush exterior with a built in gnaw guard Length: 5.1 in (13 cm); Width: 3.14 in (8 cm) Two-stage play that's perfect for dogs that enjoy shredding plush toys. Not recommended for heavy chewers. Experience double the fun with Zee Dog Mr.X Dog Toy. This two-in-one toy features a super soft plush exterior and a strong natural rubber core. The plush layer adds excitement and the built-in gnaw guard ensures safety during playtime. Plus, when the outer layer is removed, a non-toxic rubber toy is revealed for continued fun. With a length of 5.1 inches and width of 3.14 inches, it's the perfect size for playful dogs. Don't miss out on this unique, two-stage toy for your furry friend!


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