What does it mean?

We exist to help every pet find their Swaggle.But, what does Swaggle mean you ask?

Swaggle Definition



Swaggle is defined as the exact moment your pet displays happiness through joyful movement.
'my pet swaggled'


An act of swaggling.

You'll see it when your pet has the freedom to express who they are.
A Swaggle happens when they are at their healthiest and happiest, when they have all they need to live life to the fullest.

Pets can't contain their happiness.
They wear it unashamedly,
On their tails and on their scales.

When pets are feeling it, they flaunt it. Jiggling, wiggling, giggling and waggling.

They've done it since the dawn of time but finally, it has a name, a Swaggle.

To them, it's the greatest feeling in the world.

But, where in the world do they get it?

Well, it comes in a Swaggle box. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

The yummiest food, the best toys, The cutest outfits and beds to help them snooze.

We live to help every pet find their Swaggle, through pet products, personalised know-how and heaps of play - so your pet lives their healthiest, happiest, bestest life, every second, of every minute of every day.

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