1. Scream Interactive Brain Teaser Loud Green Blue Cat Toy
The Scream Cat Brain Teaser is a fun strategy game to play with your cat. There are 4 different elements to the game each with their own difficulty. It is important to work on one element at a time and once your cat has mastered each element you can combine all 4 to really get your cat's brain working. We recommend you do your training in a maximum of 10 minute increments.Strategy games are not only fun but also rewarding for the cat's brain and tummy. Training with the Scream Cat Brain Teaser is an entertaining way to challenge your cat's cognitive abilities. In four separate stages of difficulty, each increasingly complex, you can target essential problem-solving skills. Working on one element at a time in 10 minute segments, this strategy game will keep your cat's brain active and engaged — with a reward at the end for their hard work.

Size: 25 cm x 20 cm

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