1. Rogz Control Obedience Dog Collar Pink

Rogz Utility Control Collar Chain is specifically designed for walking your dog. Fit the collar so the chain is at the back of the dog's neck, then attach a lead to the die-cast ring. This allows the chain part of the collar to press against the dog's neck when the lead is pulled maintaining control but not causing injury to your dog's neck.

Key Features & Benefits:
High Durability: Durable Nylon Webbing.
Safety: Dog cannot slip out of the collar.
Die-Cast Ring: Custom-designed die-cast ring.
Reflective Stitching: Reflective Yarn woven into piping for night visibility.
Control: Improved control.

Webbing and Reflective Stitching: Nylon/Polyester
Plastic Components: POM Acetal Plastic Components
Die-Cast Ring: Zinc

Nylon Webbing, Stainless Steel Chain, Plastic Components

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