1. PetSafe Pet Loo Skip To My Loo 125ml
Skip To My Loo is an innovative solution, perfect for house-training your pet. Its unique scent is specially designed to encourage pets to use the toilet in a designated spot. Ideal for outdoor training to localize pet waste to a specific area of your yard, it's equally effective when used with the Pet Loo for indoor training. This scientifically developed formula mimics animal urine, a familiar scent that prompts pets to use the bathroom where others have. As a product of PetSafe®, you can rely on it to maintain your pet's health, safety, and happiness. It features an easy-to-use liquid applicator and is safe for both the environment and your home, being eco-friendly and made in the USA. Skip To My Loo is a practical, efficient tool for training your pet to use the Pet Loo® pet toilet, pee pads, or a specific outdoor area.

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