1. Pet + Me Medium Short and Long Hair Pet Brush Yellow

Discover the Pet+Me® Brush, the ultimate grooming tool for your beloved pet. These brushes are designed to be soft and gentle on even the most sensitive skin, while effectively removing loose hair, sebum, and dandruff. Made from 100% pure silicone, they are safe for both humans and animals, and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Plus, every Pet+Me® brush comes with a 5-year material guarantee, ensuring lasting quality.

100% Pure Silicone: Safe for both pets and humans, free from harmful chemicals and metals.
Machine Washable: Ensures easy and thorough cleaning for maximum hygiene.
5-Year Guarantee: High-quality and built to last, providing peace of mind.

Suitable For Dogs:
Most Short Hair Types
Short, Thick Hair
Short, Wiry Coats
Long, Silky Hair with Soft Undercoat

Gentle and Effective: Perfect for both long and short-haired dogs, the Pet+Me® brush offers a balanced combination of grooming efficiency and comfort, making your furry friend look forward to each grooming session.
Non-Invasive: Recommended by veterinarians and professionals, the flexible silicone bristles conform to your pet's body, making it safe to use around sensitive areas like the eyes and nose.
Enhanced Grooming Experience: Stimulates blood flow, promoting relaxation and well-being for your pet.

Swiss Made Quality
Developed by specialists, the Pet+Me® brush is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Whether you have a long-haired Persian cat or a short-haired Greyhound, this brush promises a pleasant and effective grooming experience, leaving your pet feeling pampered and relaxed.

Why Choose Pet+Me®?
Veterinarian Recommended: Trusted by professionals for its gentle yet effective grooming.
Versatile and Durable: Perfect for a variety of coat types, ensuring long-lasting use.
Health and Happiness: Promotes better skin health and relaxation for your pet.

Upgrade your pet’s grooming routine with the Pet+Me® Brush. Your furry friend deserves the best, and with Pet+Me®, you’re ensuring a grooming experience that’s both luxurious and effective. Pamper your pet today and enjoy the benefits of a well-groomed, happy companion!

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