1. Optimum Dog Adult Dry Food Chicken Veg & Rice Small Breed 3kg

OPTIMUM™ Toy/Small Breeds dry dog food is tailored for smaller breeds, featuring smaller kibble sizes and a formula rich in antioxidants. It supports urinary tract health with controlled levels of calcium and phosphorus. The OPTIMUM range boosts natural defences with antioxidants, promotes skin and coat health with a blend of zinc and omega 6, and ensures excellent nutrient absorption and bioavailability through high-quality protein sources. The inclusion of wholegrains and beet pulp provides natural fibre, aiding in healthy digestion and resulting in firmer stools. Dental health is also a focus, with a special system in place to reduce plaque buildup and protect teeth and gums. Additionally, the food contains essential nutrients like arginine and vitamin E for heart health, making it an ideal choice for small breed dogs prone to urinary tract infections.

Meat & Meat By-Product (Poultry); Wheat And/Or Corn; Sorghum And/Or Barley And/Or Rice; Natural Flavour (Chicken); Beet Pulp; Vegetables; Vitamins & Minerals; Salt; Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Antioxidants; Amino Acid.

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