1. Optimum Cat Adult Dry Food Chicken Indoor 2kg

OPTIMUM™ Indoor dry food is specifically tailored for indoor cats, focusing on weight management, reducing litter box odour, and controlling furballs. It includes added Yucca Extract in its formulation to help minimize litter box odours. The product also supports immune health with antioxidants as part of a balanced diet. For skin and coat health, it contains a beneficial blend of zinc and omega 6, proven to enhance skin and coat quality. The balanced nutrient content helps produce mildly acidic urine pH, promoting urinary tract health. To combat furballs, it includes beet pulp fibre, aiding their passage through the digestive system. Additionally, the formula is enriched with L-carnitine to aid in fat burning and support healthy metabolism, essential for indoor cats, and includes a weight reduction feeding guide for cats needing extra weight management support.

Meat & Meat By Products (Chicken &/Or Turkey &/Or Duck); Wholegrain Cereals; Cereal Protein; Plant Fibres; Palatants; Salt; Vitamins & Minerals; Amino Acids; Antioxidants; Yucca Extract; L-Carnitine.

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