1. Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness Black
The Journey Air harness is tailor-made for active dogs who lead the pack. Building on the original's strong points, like the athletic fit and handy back handle, this harness steps up with enhanced breathability. Its deep V-neck design not only flaunts your dog's impressive chest hair but also ensures shoulder mobility. The broad, padded chest plate reduces neck strain, making it comfortable for extended wear. Its all-aluminum hardware is rust-free and ultra-lightweight at just 230g, allowing your dog to effortlessly enjoy their adventures, be it sniffing around, running, or chasing, without being hindered by the harness. Perfect for forming an inseparable bond with your active companion.


• Constructed from strong ripstop fabric with a breathable mesh interior.
• Equipped with a back handle for quick dog assistance or extraction.
• Features four points of adjustment for a close-to-custom fit.
• Includes both front and rear leash attachment options.
• Fitted with lightweight aluminium hardware.
• Designed with Nifco quick-release buckles for convenience.
• Enhanced with reflective trim for increased visibility at night.
• Simple and straightforward to put on and remove.
• Ideal for activities such as running, hiking, and walking.

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