1. GURU Puzzle Jack Dog Toy Medium

Tumble, bounce, solve and play! Simply toss the Puzzle Jack for engaged, interactive play, or hand it off for challenge-based independent chew sessions. This toy is made with durable, thick walls that encourage healthy chewing for the most serious chewers to the gentlest. Unscrew the cap for easy loading and cleaning, and insert the kibble and treats. Dogs delight in playing and solving the Puzzle Jack, while tumbling and bouncing to allow the food to be slowly dispensed through the challenging treat hole. Due to its unique size and shape, the toy bounces erratically and can make a game of fetch much more interesting. Made with Chew Pro; GURU's ultra-durable, custom, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber formulated specifically for tough chew sessions. This toy is also top-shelf dishwasher safe for easy clean up.


  • Tumble, Bounce, Solve, and Play: Provides diverse and engaging activities.
  • Occupies and Extends Treat Time: Keeps your dog busy for longer periods.
  • For Independent, Challenging Play: Encourages mental stimulation and independent play.
  • Unscrew Cap for Easy Loading and Cleaning: Convenient design for hassle-free use.
  • Made with ChewPro™: Durable materials for long-lasting use.

Product Dimensions:

  • 14 cm (L) x 14 cm (W) x 14 cm (H)

Perfect for Dogs Up to 34 kg

Our ChewPro™ Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is suitable for dogs weighing up to 34 kg. Its sturdy construction and engaging features make it perfect for active dogs who love a challenge.

Note: Sizing recommendations are general. Every dog has unique chewing habits, so it's important to choose the appropriate toy size for your dog's safety and enjoyment.

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