1. Chuckit! Kick Fetch Dog Toy Small

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Dog Toy helps build bonds between dogs and their pet parents by providing hours of interactive fun. The Kick Fetch is great for outdoor games of fetch, soccer, or toss and is covered in bright colours to make it easily visible in large open fields. Made with rubber and foam, and covered in durable canvas fabric, the Chuckit! Kick Fetch has deep ridges which make it easier for your dog to retrieve and is gentle on your dog's mouth.14cm Diameter approx. The long-lasting Chuckit! Kick Fetch is an ideal way to keep your pup engaged and entertained. Robust materials like rubber, foam, and durable canvas fabric make it resilient to wear and tear, and its unique deep ridges make it easy to carry and retrieve. With a 14cm diameter, you can enjoy interactive fun in wide-open spaces. The bright colors also make it easy to spot in tall grasses.

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