1. Cature Natural Tofu Clumping Green Tea Cat Litter

"Eco-friendly all-natural cat litter for your purrfectly cute cat."

Let's get real about cat litter, there's no other product on the market that offers pure all-natural odour control while being environmentally friendly while also being a better quality product for you and your cats. It has been proven time and again that Cats want to be at home, in a tidy environment where they feel safe and loved! CATURE Green Tea Tofu Clumping Cat Litter is 100% natural and dust-free which means less tracking of hair or dander from one surface to another!
Besides being eco-friendly it actually repels bugs from coming out from this green tea scented toilet paper making your home a healthier place to live with your feline friends!

Benefits & Features:

100% all-natural odour control cat litter.
Formulated with Green tea because it has high antibacterial properties.
Made of high-quality natural peas fibre materials and plant binders.
Biodegradable and Eco-friendly product.
99.5% dust-free.
Recommended for all stages cats.
400% water absorption.
Flushable to Toilet Bowl (in small amount).
No harmful chemicals and toxins included
Formaldehyde and Industrial binders free products.
Bacteria growth and odours suppressor in the litter box.


Green Tea, Natural Pea Fibre and Plant Binders.

Direction for Use:

Open the product and transfer the cat litter to the cat litter box.
Always clean your pet's litter box.


Green Tea, Natural Pea Fibre And Plant Binders.

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