1. Optimum Kitten Dry Food Chicken 800g

OPTIMUM Kitten With Chicken Dry Cat Food is expertly crafted to support the growth and development of kittens during their crucial first 12 months. This product focuses on strengthening gastrointestinal health, building a robust immune system, and ensuring high nutrient absorption and bioavailability from quality protein sources. It contains optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus for the development of healthy teeth and strong bones, essential for larger breeds. The inclusion of colostrum provides vital nutrients for gastrointestinal wellness during weaning and growth phases. The formula also includes a blend of antioxidants for natural defence support and a mix of zinc and omega 6 for maintaining healthy skin and coat. Additionally, the OPTIMUM™ range has Yucca Extract to minimize litter box odours, contributing to a more pleasant home environment.

Poultry And Poultry By-Products (Including Chicken); Cereals; Cereal Protein; Natural Flavours (Chicken); Salt; Vitamins And Minerals; Natural Plant Fibre; Amino Acids; Fish Oil; Sunflower Oil; Antioxidants; Marigold Meal; Inulin; Colostrum And Yucca.

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