1. Michu Natural Clumping Cat Litter Original 6L

Looking for a cat litter that's easy to clean and gentle on your cat's paws? Look no further than Michu Tofu Cat Litter! Made from all-natural ingredients, this odour-free and clumping tofu-based formula makes cleanup a breeze. A little bit of Michu goes a long way – it will absorb up to four times its dry weight in fluid – so it will keep absorbing for longer than other litter varieties.

Michu Tofu Cat Litter comes in 5 different scents: Original, Ocean Fresh, Watermelon, Peach, Green Tea

Key Benefits & Features:
High absorbency: Michu cat litter features a lightweight, absorbent formula that can soak up to four times its weight in fluid, making it long-lasting and reducing the need for frequent changes.
Easily flushable: Formulated from premium ingredients using advanced technology, Michu provides a luxurious litter box experience that’s flushable and easy to maintain with monthly changes sufficient.
Easy cleanup: It offers fast clumping and is easily scoopable, instantly trapping liquids into sturdy clumps for effortless cleanup.
Gentle on your kitty's nose and paws: The gently-scented and odour-neutralising properties of Michu quickly eliminate odours, maintaining a fresh environment that caters to your cat's sensitive nose. Pellets are paw-friendly, designed to be gentle and comfortable for your cat, ensuring a positive litter box experience.
Minimal tracking: Low tracking design keeps floors clean, as the durable, tightly compacted pellets minimize mess and prevent dust and litter from spreading outside the tray.
Environmentally sensitive: Michu's packaging is tidy and compact for easy use and storage, fitting conveniently on any household shelf and is fully recyclable. The pellets are 100% natural and biodegradable, derived from natural peas, making it a safe, environmentally friendly choice for pet families.

    100% Canadian Natural Snow Pea (Human Grade), Natural Plant Fibre, Natural Binding Agents

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