1. Kurgo Quantum 6 in 1 Dog Lead
The Quantum Leash, an award-winning innovation, offers exceptional versatility as a lead, adaptable into six different styles to suit various needs. Whether you're on the go or need hands-free convenience, this leash has you covered, providing both functionality and flexibility for you and your dog in a variety of settings.


• Length adjustable between 128 cm and 182 cm
• Features a floating, padded handle for comfort
• Ladder-style design for easy length adjustment
• Enhanced with reflective trim for visibility
• Includes a custom carabiner with a convenient bottle opener
• Suitable for hand washing or spot cleaning; air dry recommended
• Functions as a 182 cm dog lead or a 91 cm training lead
• Adaptable for hands-free use over the shoulder (ideal for hiking)
• Convertible to hands-free around the waist (perfect for running)
• Can be used as a double dog walker
• Easy to tether for stationary use
• Designed to coordinate with active harnesses and the Wander Dog Collar

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