1. Dogness D09 Pet Fountain 2.2L

The Dogness Automatic Pet Fountain for dogs and cats holds up to 2.2 litres of water. The fountain-style water flows upward and into the bowl with a triple-layer carbon filtration system that keeps the water fresh and debris free, designed for all pet sizes. The replaceable carbon filter blocks impurities, hard water, and chemicals. The LED light illuminates the water level and changes colors when low. The Pump automatically turns if no water is present.

2.2 litre capacity

Equipped with a water level sensor and a LED light that illuminates the water level window and changes colors when low. The pump automatically shuts off when the water is very low or empty.

Includes a replaceable carbon-activated filter that cleans, purifies, and removes debris and odors for better-tasting, healthy water for your pet. The filter should be changed every 30-45 days.

Low-voltage pump with suction cup feet keeps it mounted securely to the bottom of the tank, designed to last over 20,000 hours of use. The pump's internal parts should be cleaned often to prevent excessive build-up that could restrict the water flow over time

Easy to disassemble and clean with mild detergent, soft cloth, or brush. Not dishwasher safe. Powered by a 6' ft. USB power cable & adapter (included)

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