1. ZamiPet Senior Support Chews for Dogs 300g 60 Pack

Support wagging tails and overall wellbeing with the ZamiPet Senior Support for Dogs Chews.
Formulated by vets to support your canine companion in their later years, this tasty treat includes a Omega-3 fatty acid, turmeric, L-Carnitine and premium-grade Australian protein and is the perfect snack for keeping your ageing doggo healthy and happy between meals.
Made for: Dogs aged 7 years and over.

Australian Sourced Chicken Meal; Rice; Gelatine; Glycerol; Food Acid; Fish Oil; Natural Flavours; Salt; Emulsifier; Vitamin C; Magnesium Phosphate; Vegetable Protein Extract; Vitamin E; Potassium Sorbate; Calcium Carbonate; Zinc Sulphate; Phosphatidylserine; Lutein Extract; L-Carnitine; Turmeric Extract; Iron; Natural Antioxidant; Coq10; Copper Sulphate; Selenium; Vitamin B3; Manganese Oxide; Vitamin B2; Biotin; Vitamin B12; Vitamin B1; Vitamin A; Vitamin B6; Folic Acid.

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