1. Trill Mix In Fruit & Nut Blend 475g

A diet of seed alone may not provide your bird with all the variety and nutrients it needs. Supplement its diet with Trill™ Mix-In™ Fruit & Nut blend to keep it happy and healthy. 

FOOD - provide your bird with fresh food daily. As a guide, birds will eat approximately 10% of their body weight daily. VARIETY - add variety to your bird's diet by introducing treats, pellets, & a selection of fruits & vegetables. Eg. TRILL TOPPERS treats, TRILL VITABLEND pellets, TRILL MIX-IN fruit & nut blend or TRILL vegie blend. DIET CHANGES - Birds need time to become familiar with new foods and can be sensitive to changes in diet. Introduce TRILL Canary & Finch Mix to your bird's diet over a few days. WATER - Ensure that your bird has fresh, clean water daily.
Product manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts. Product may contain traces of Milk Products.

A mixture of 5 or more of the following: Paw Paw, Sultanas, Peanuts, Currants, Peanuts Diced, Carrot Flakes, Pineapple, Apple, Apricots, Spinach, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, Celery, Parsley. Fruits and Nuts used in the mix may vary due to seasonal availability.

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