1. Tractive Mini GPS Cat Tracker

Locate your dog on your phone in real-time
Monitor your little buddy's activity
Get notified if your dog wanders a bit too far from home
Get wet! 100% waterproof and adventure-proof
Long-lasting battery that goes for up to 5 days
Real-time tracking
Unlimited range with a subscription price from $8/month
Alerts if your dog leaves a safe space, or enters a no-go zone.
NEW - Activity & Sleep Tracking to help keep them fit and healthy

Always know where your dog is, see where they’ve been, and monitor their activity and sleep with this GPS dog tracker. Get your device, pick a plan, and start tracking with the free Tractive GPS app. With the flexible rubber clip the tracker fits most collars and harnesses.

Subscription needed - starting from only $8/month*.

No mobile fees, no extra costs. With a built-in SIM card, all you need to do is pick a plan for your tracker (monthly, 1, 2 or 5 year) and enjoy coverage across Europe, and the world.

*Price based on a 2-year plan with one-off payment.

Location History & Sharing

See what your dog has been up to. Look back on your walks. Track together with friends, family and others you trust with your dog. For example, a dog walker.

Even more peace of mind LIVE GPS Tracking Looking for extra reassurance?

Go into LIVE mode and you'll get updates every 2-3 seconds. Virtual Fence Know the moment your doggo leaves - or gets back into - an area you've marked as safe. For example, your garden. Or the neighborhood. Keep your dog active and healthy

Activity Monitoring

Check in on your dog's fitness and activity levels. See how they compare with similar dogs. And set four-legged activity goals. Ready to start? Check out Activity Monitoring by Tractive Location History & Heatmap See where your dog's been, and find out your furry friend's favorite places to hang out.

Dog-friendly Design Tracker

Designed to comfortably fit your dogs neck without disturbing their movements. Tracker attachment The GPS tracker's flexible rubber clip adapts to dog collars of different sizes.

Battery Key Features

The dog tracker can be easily charged by attaching the magnetic battery side to the charger provided. Virtual Fence Get notified the moment your dog leaves one of your safe zones.

LIVE Tracking

Tracking is always on. But to keep a closer eye on your dog, go into LIVE mode and get updates every 2-3 second

Virtual Fence

Set safe zones - like your garden - as well as no-go zones your buddy should avoid - like a field near a busy road. You'll get a quick alert when they leave or enter one of them.

Activity Monitoring

Know your dog is in good shape. See how much time they spend sleeping and being active. Spot sleep patterns. Set goals, track progress, and compare with other dogs.

100% waterproof, shock-resistant, up to 7 days battery

Fits most collars and harnesses. Splash and smash-proof. A comfortable fit for dogs above 4kg, and the perfect adventure partner.

Technical Specifications
Free Android, iPhone and Web app
Up to 7 days battery & full recharge in 2 hours
Fits most dog collars and harnesses
71 x 28 x 17mm, 35g
Waterproof & shock-resistant
Colour: Snow
Small & lightweight Weighs a bit above 1.2oz (35g) and works for dogs of all sizes - from Chihuahuas to Bullmastiffs.
Rechargeable battery Battery lasts up to 5 days on a single charge, depending on cellular signal and usage.
100% waterproof Tractive GPS DOG LTE is IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant.
Subscription plan starting at AU $8* / Month Tractive GPS trackers require a subscription plan. Choose between different options starting at AU $8* / month.(*Price based on a 1-year plan with one-off payment.)

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