1. Torwood Farm Mini Rye Grass Bale 22L

A natural product that is suitable for all animals. This product is made from Barley Straw from local farms, processed and put into a bag for convenience and ease of use. These bags are 22L in total and are great for rabbit and guinea pig bedding.

Torwood Farm is a family owned business established in 1997 on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Torwood Farm saw a need for quality pet hay in the pet industry which led to the creation of the “Mini-Bale”. Torwood Farm pride themselves on supplying the highest quality hay products to our customers. Torwood Farm’s most popular products are the “Mini-Bale”. There are four varieties of the Mini-Bale; Barley Straw, Oaten Hay, Lucerne Hay and Rye Grass, with a larger variety of products to soon be released. Torwood Farm products use local hay and straw which guarantees you absolute freshness, quality and value for money.

Rye Grass

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