1. The Pet Project Dog Treat Kangaroo Tail Tips 4 Pack

Your dog, like you, isn't made to eat chemical additives. Our Natural Treats are as simple and pure as it gets - the genuinely healthy treat your pet deserves.

Our Roo Tail Tips are high in nutrients such as calcium and iron. They're super hard and long lasting and a naturally dehydrated treat that provides your dog with a natural way to help reduce plaque and tartar.


✓ Sustainable treat: reduces planet-heating gases caused by animal farming.

✓ Hypoallergenic treat: perfect treats for dogs with skin & stomach allergies.

✓ Dental health: they encourage chewing which is great for teeth and gums.

✓ Boredom busters: they keep your pup occupied and happy.

✓ 100% natural ingredient: made from premium grade Aussie kangaroo and nothing else.

100% Australian Kangaroo Tail Tips - Nothing Else!

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