1. The Pet Project Dog Treat Bully Sticks 5 Pack

Your dog, like you, isn't made to eat chemical additives. Our Natural Treats are as simple and pure as it gets - the genuinely healthy treat your pet deserves.

Our Australian beef Bully Sticks (beef pizzle) are low in fat. They'll keep your dog occupied and satisfied and are especially good for puppies as they're safe and easy to chew, and can be fully consumed.

Recommended for: puppies and small to medium dogs of all ages. For large dogs or hard chewers we recommend our Roo Tail Tips, Natural Goat Horn or Kangaroo Bone.



✓ Boredom busters: they keep your pet occupied and happy.

✓ Dental health: they encourage chewing which is great for teeth and gums.

✓ Puppies love them: they satisfy their chewing need while teething.

✓ 100% natural ingredient: made from premium grade Aussie beef and nothing else.

100% Australian Beef - Nothing Else!

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