1. Snooza Ultra Comfort Lounge Dog Bed

The Ultra Comfort Lounge bed offers a mix of luxury and support, ideal for pets who enjoy sprawling or nesting. Its ruffled faux-fur sleeping area, surrounded by low-rise bolster walls, provides a cozy and calming space. The bed features a non-slip base with anti-allergen Australian orthopaedic foam that evenly supports your pet's weight, aiding joint and hip comfort. The foam is topped with a soft, fibre-filled cushion for extra comfort. The low bolsters not only make bed access easy but also serve as a comfortable resting place for your pet's head and paws.
For convenience, the bed's covers, bolsters, and cushion are all removable, replaceable, and machine washable. They're filled with SnoozaFill, a sustainable blend of recycled PET drink bottles and Australian foam crumb. Crafted with durable, upholstery-grade fabrics and backed by a free repair service (subject to conditions), this bed is built to last, ensuring long-term comfort for your pet.

Sleeping area: 60 x 87 cm
Height of bed: 18 cm

Sleeping area: 73.5 x 103.5 cm
Height of bed: 18 cm

Cover: Polyester Fill: Ecofresh - Recycled Pet Fibre + Crumbed Australian Foam Base: Australian Orthopaedic Foam Base Faux Fur Interior Lining

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