1. Snooza Snuggler Chinchilla Orthopaedic Dog Bed

The Australian Made Snuggler Chinchilla brings luxury to modern homes with its two-tone, upholstery-grade fabric and dark grey plush faux fur lining the entire bed interior. This bed offers superb comfort with its orthopaedic support foam base, ideal for dogs of all ages, and features soft-filled bolstered sides for added protection and comfort, helping to soothe and calm your pet. Practicality is key, as it includes a non-slip base and zippered removable covers for effortless cleaning. Additionally, each bolster is not only removable and replaceable but also easily washable, ensuring a consistently clean and comfortable resting place for your pet.

Sizing: Width x Length cm
Sleeping area: 35 x 45 cm
Outside edge: 55 x 65 cm

Sleeping area: 41 x 63 cm
Outside edge: 68 x 95 cm

Sleeping area: 56 x 91 cm
Outside edge: 85 x 115 cm

Cover: Polyester Fill: Ecofresh - Recycled Pet Fibre + Crumbed Australian Foam Base: Australian Orthopaedic Foam Base

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