1. Snooza Organic Pet Futon Charcoal Dog Bed

The Organic Cotton Pet Futon, adorned with an oyster print on a charcoal organic cover, offers unmatched comfort and versatility for your pet. Recognized for its ideal bedding qualities, the futon features wool, known for its natural breathability and ability to regulate temperature, making it perfect for all seasons. Enhanced for extra comfort, it contains a blend of Australian wool and predominantly recycled PET, encased in an anti-allergy organic cotton casing. This design ensures easy maintenance as it's both machine washable and dry cleanable. The futon is quilted to secure the filling and comes with a removable, washable charcoal organic cotton cover. It's perfect for various uses – be it in the car, for weekend getaways, in the kennel, or atop one of our raised beds.

Original (Medium):
Length: 83 cm
Width: 53 cm

Mighty (Large):
Length: 98 cm
Width: 68 cm

Cover :Organic Cotton Insert: Australian Wool Blend Batt

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