1. Snooza Dry Luxe Blanket

The Dry Luxe Blanket combines luxury with practicality, featuring a 100% waterproof lining and the same soothing plush fabric as our renowned Calming Cuddler Chinchilla beds. Its elegant design, with dark long-pile plush and light short-pile, complements modern furniture seamlessly. Ideal for protecting sofas, beds, dog beds, or car seats from accidents, this blanket also provides warmth and comfort, making it perfect for puppies or senior dogs. Crafted from soft, furnishing-grade materials that are machine washable, it comes in a generous size suitable for small to larger dogs.

Length: 110 cm
Width: 65 cm

Length: 150 cm
Width: 90 cm

Polyester Vegan Fur, Waterproof Lining Made From Tpu

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