1. Simparica Trio Puppy Chews 1.3-2.5kg 3 Pack

Simparica Trio Puppy Dog Chews provide a monthly course of protection from fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal worms in the form of tasty, liver-flavoured chews.

Simparica Trio is a powerful protection against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms. It begins working against fleas within 4 hours of administration and targets deadly paralysis ticks within 24 hours. It offers an efficient solution to prevent heartworm disease. Tapeworm and mites, however, are not included in its action.

Usage Instructions:
Simparica Trio should be administered orally once a month - weighing your dog and adhering to the recommended dosage directions on the packaging are essential. For optimal efficacy, it is advised that the treatment be given on or around the same day each month.

Puppies 8 weeks of age and weighing 1.25kg or more can be given Simparica Trio safely. There is no evaluation of the safety of this product for pregnant or lactating dogs. Even when administering Simparica Trio to heartworm-positive dogs, it is recommended users speak with a veterinarian first if their dog has not been on regular heartworm preventative. During tick season, daily inspection and removal of any ticks found is advised.

3Mg Saronaler, 12.5Mg Pyrantel & 0.06Mg Moxidectin

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