1. Scream Lick Enrichment Square Non Slip Dog Mat Green

The Scream Lick Enrichment Mat for dogs is designed as a flat non-skid mat with a variety of bumps and grooves to create a textured surface, making it perfect for any dog friendly spreadable treat. These mats are ideal for grooming, nail clipping, thunderstorms and other stressful situations which cause anxiety.

When a dog repetitively licks, endorphins are released from the brain which can decrease anxiety and stress while promoting well-being and relaxation. By spreading food over and pushed into the mat, it can slow down their eating to prevent gulping and bloating, helping their digestive system and keeping them busy over a longer period.

Made from Non-Toxic food grade material. The product is BPA, PVC and Phthalates free. Handwash only, Freezer safe and do not microwave.

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