1. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Special Adult Dry Cat Food 2kg

ROYAL CANIN® RENAL SPECIAL IS SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED TO SUPPORT RENAL FUNCTION IN CASES OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. Formulated with low phosphorus and a moderate level of highly digestible protein to support renal function, helping to improve quality of life. With an adapted energy content to reduce meal volume and help compensate for a decreased appetite. And a specific aromatic profile with a dedicated kibble shape to help stimulate the cat's appetite, particularly in cases of food aversion. Renal diets are recommended as soon as creatinine goes out of reference range (from CKD late stage 2), before the disease further progresses, and before inappetence develops. In case of food aversion, the cat can be switched to another renal option without transition. After commencing a Renal diet, in addition to periodic measurement of renal biomarkers, blood mineral level monitoring is also recommended. In cases of diet induced hypercalcaemia, the cat should be switched to Early Renal diet. Other mineral disturbances (eg. hypokalaemia) may require additional treatment. In most cases, Renal diets may be continued for the cat’s lifetime. It is recommended that a full health check be performed every 6 months.

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Maize Flour, Rice, Dehydrated Pork Protein**, Animal Fats, Maize Gluten, Vegetable Fibres, Maize, Hydrolysed Poultry Proteins, Minerals, Wheat Gluten**, Chicory Pulp, Fish Oil, Soya Oil, Mono - And Diglycerides Of Palmitic And Stearic Acids Esterified With Citric Acid, Psyllium Husks And Seeds, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Marigold Meal. Protein Sources: Dehydrated Pork Protein** (14.4%), Maize Gluten (8%), Hydrolysed Poultry Proteins (5%), Wheat Gluten** (2.7%). ** L.I.P.: Protein Selected For Its Very High Digestibility Additives (Kg)*** Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A: 22500 Iu, Vitamin D3: 800 Iu, Iron: 47 Mg, Iodine: 4.7 Mg, Copper: 15 Mg, Manganese: 61 Mg, Zinc: 147 Mg, Selenium: 0.08 Mg - Technological Additives: Clinoptilolite Of Sedimentary Origin: 10 G - Preservatives - Antioxidants. ***Values Reflect Only Levels Added To The Formula, Not Those Naturally Occurring In Components Of The Diet. Royal Canin® Take Pride In Ensuring The Scientific Reliability Of All Product Information. All Information Included Was True And Accurate At The Time Of Publication.

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