1. Royal Canin Fit Adult Dry Cat Food

Tailor-made to give cats a luxury at-home dining experience with every meal, Royal Canin’s Fit Cat Food is specially formulated using premium ingredients to improve digestion, maintain a healthy weight, and keep your furry friend nutritionally satisfied on their indoor and outdoor adventures.

Cats with access to the outdoors have higher energy and nutritional requirements because of the increased size of their territory and the variations in weather conditions to which they are exposed. Therefore, their diet must provide them with the nutrients needed to keep them healthy.

Made for: Indoor cats aged one to seven years.

Key Features & Benefits:

Nutritional balanced diet. FIT 32 is a balanced and complete feed which contains the necessary nutrients to perfectly meet the needs of adult cats and help maintain them in good health.

Fit is formulated to help provide the energy a moderately active cat requires to be healthy and maintain its ideal weight.

A combination of specific fibres helps encourage the natural elimination of the hair your cat swallows every day.

Dehydrated Poultry Protein, Rice, Vegetable Protein Isolate*, Wheat, Maize, Animal Fats, Wheat Flour, Hydrolysed Animal Proteins, Vegetable Fibres, Minerals, Yeasts And Parts Thereof, Maize Gluten, Beet Pulp, Soya Oil, Fish Oil, Psyllium Husks And Seeds, Hydrolysed Yeast, Marigold Extract.

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