1. Revolution For Puppies and Kittens Up to 2.5kg

Revolution is a topical spot-on pipette designed to provide fast and effective parasite prevention for dogs, cats, and rabbits. It guards against fleas, mites, intestinal worms, and heartworms, and is administered monthly to ensure continued protection.

Key Benefits:
Revolution protects cats, dogs and rabbits from various parasites. It effectively guards against fleas, mites, heartworm and roundworm and hookworm in cats and dogs, with rabbits additionally protected from Cheyletiella and Sarcoptes mites and Psoroptes ear mites. Revolution does not protect against ticks or tapeworm.

Usage Instructions:
Revolution should be administered topically once a month, with dosage based on your pet's weight. Ensure consistent results by treating your pet on or near the same day every month.

Revolution is engineered to be effective and safe for puppies and kittens 6 weeks of age and older, as well as pregnant and nursing females. Applied topically, it forms a waterproof barrier in cats after 2 hours and can be safely used in rabbits aged 8 weeks and over. It is also recommended for indoor cats and pets living in non-tick-prone regions.

60Mg Selamectin

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