1. PIDAN Urine Blood Test and Hematuria Detection Tofu Cat Litter 2.4kg

"Providing pet lovers with aesthetic, functional, and well-designed pet products, PIDAN complements your home and improve your pets life."

Comprised of tofu, PIDAN Original Tofu Cat Litter with Urine Occult Blood Test Molecule is guaranteed eco-friendly, sustainable, fast clumping, and high absorbent option for indoor cats. With natural deodourising properties and no overpowering smell, your cat will breathe easier. Extremely easy to scoop, low tracking, and the 2mm diameter granules are extra gentle on delicate kitty paws. With no silicon or plastics as part of the ingredient, this is a great eco-friendly litter to help reduce your cats carbon pawprint. This litter is safe to flush down the toilet in small amounts.

Benefits & Features:

Tofu-based clumping litter.
Eco-friendly and sustainable.
Extremely absorbent- absorbing 4 x its weight in moisture.
Fast clumping.
Natural deodourising.
Safe to flush down the toilet in small quantities and sizes.


Bean Dregs.


PIDAN'S new special litter can detect blood particles, and turns blue when in contact. Making owners on the lookout and able to consult with VET right away.
It adds the urine occult blood test molecules and detects minor, perceptually invisible blood (lower to 0.1% haemoglobin concentration). The blue colour could last for 48 hours, so the cat owner could consult the vet and reduce the risk of potential kidney disease.

The Urine Occult Blood Test Molecules turn blue after detecting unnoticeable blood.

The Urine Occult Blood Test Molecules can detect minor blood that is even perceptually invisible (lower to 0.1% haemoglobin concentration).

Please consult your vet as soon as possible if the test molecules turn blue.

For the best result of the Urine Occult Blood Test, please:

Keep the litter out of the direct light exposure and away from any metal fiction scenarios;

Do not mix with other types of cat litter.

Bean Dregs, Starch, Guar Gum

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