1. Petway Petcare Cat Shampoo 250ml

Petway Petcare Cat Shampoo is a naturally based, extra deep cleansing shampoo specially formulated for cats. This gentle formula contains natural degreasers that effectively remove excess oils, dirt, grime, dandruff, and dander without stripping the coat of its natural oils. It is pH balanced, soap-free, and free from harmful chemicals such as DEA, sulphates, phosphates, parabens, and enzymes, making it safe and gentle for regular use. Environmentally responsible and cruelty-free, this shampoo ensures a clean and healthy coat for your feline friend.

Key Features:

  • Naturally based and biodegradable
  • Contains gentle degreasers
  • pH balanced and soap-free
  • Free from DEA, sulphates, phosphates, parabens, and enzymes
  • Environmentally responsible and cruelty-free

Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Wet your cat with fresh water.
  • Apply shampoo and work into a rich lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry.
  • Suitable for both home and professional salon use.

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