1. PetSafe Pet Loo Pet Toilet Replacement Grass
Enhance your pet care experience with the Pet Loo® Replacement Grass, tailored specifically for the Pet Loo® Pet Toilet. This grass mat is designed for quick urine drainage, greatly easing the cleaning process. For optimal efficiency, having an additional turf ready means your pet can always have a clean area while the other is being cleaned. PetSafe® ensures this product contributes to the health, safety, and joy of your pet. Key features include speedy draining through a specially engineered grass mat, availability in various sizes for the perfect fit, a realistic grass feel and appearance for your dog's comfort, and straightforward cleaning - a daily wipe with warm water or cleaner and a weekly thorough rinse. The convenience of a replacement mat streamlines the Pet Loo® maintenance, ensuring a seamless pet care routine. Remember to flush the grass daily with warm water, use Wee Care spray 2-3 times a week, and for a deep clean, apply Wee Care Cleaner weekly, followed by rinsing and drying.

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