1. PetSafe Pet Loo Pet Toilet

Introducing the Pet Loo® Pet Toilet, your ideal solution for pet care, whether you're in an apartment, training a new puppy, or assisting an aging pet. This eco-friendly alternative to pee pads is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, accommodating dogs, cats, and other small pets. Its top synthetic grass layer allows urine to drain into a reinforced, slightly angled base, directing liquids into a 2-liter waste container for easy removal and cleaning. For an even simpler cleanup, use a disposable Pee Pod™, lined with Wee Sponge powder that transforms urine into gel, trapping odors and liquids effectively. This portable pet toilet, appealing to pets with its grass-like feel, offers a convenient and clean alternative to traditional pee pads and litter boxes. Trust PetSafe® to provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment for your pet, with easy maintenance - simply wipe with warm water.

Size / Dimensions
Large: Original 83x83 cm
Medium: Mini Wee 63x63 cm
Small: 53x45 cm


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