1. PetSafe Pet Loo Pee Pod Urine Disposal Kit 7 Pack
The PetSafe® Pee-Pod™ is an innovative solution for easy pet waste management, eliminating messy liquid clean-ups. This disposable tray fits perfectly into the Pet Loo® Pet Toilet, holding up to 2 liters of liquid waste. The Wee Sponge powder within the tray transforms dog urine into a gel on contact, immediately containing both liquids and odours. Each pack comes with 7 Pee-Pod™ trays, along with a 142 ml bottle of Wee Sponge and a measuring scoop, providing 21-28 days of hassle-free usage. Key features of this system include spill-free urine to gel conversion, instant odour control, and simple, disposable tray design suitable for all Pet Loo® sizes. The package contains 7 Pee-Pods and a tub of Wee Sponge with a scoop for convenience. Trust PetSafe® for maintaining a healthy, safe, and happy environment for your pet.

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