1. PetSafe DrinkWell 360 Saintless Steel Pet Fountain 3.8L
The Stainless Multi-Pet Fountain from PetSafe® is an ideal hydration solution for homes with multiple pets. This fountain, with a 3.8-litre capacity, encourages pets to drink more, offering a choice between free-falling water or drinking from the bowl, which is crucial as pets need 70 ml of water per kg of body weight daily. Its 360-degree access allows pets to drink from any angle, and the premium stainless-steel construction resists rust and tarnish. Customize the water streams with five different spout attachments and adjust the flow speed to suit your pets' preferences. The heightened tower design accommodates larger pets comfortably.

Key features include enhanced water freshness through dual-filtration that removes pet hair, debris, and odours. The constant water circulation inhibits bacterial growth. For convenience, the fountain is top-rack dishwasher safe and the pump requires separate hand washing. Trust PetSafe® for a product that prioritises your pet's health, safety, and happiness, with features like a quieter, splash-reducing design, and continued water access even during power outages.

Suitable filters and pumps for replacements are the Charcoal Filter (PAC19-14356), Foam Filter (PAC19-140891), and Replacement Pump (PAC00-13184).

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