1. PETKIT PURA x Concentrated Cat Litter Air Purifying Refill 4 x 50ml

“Prevent unpleasant odours in your home and cat litter box, whilst also killing 99% of nasty bacteria.”

PETKIT Concentrated Air Purifying Refill 50ml is a concentrated solution exclusive for your PETKIT PURA X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box. The targeted formula reduces unpleasant odours in the waste-collecting tray and kills bacteria, and formaldehyde and breaks down and neutralizes pet waste odours better than any other comparable product on the market today. Its essence is derived from a proprietary blend of raw materials, as well as other natural compounds, forming part of an innovative super-efficient fragrance complex cat deodorizer that eliminates unpleasant scents from litter boxes and ammonia from urine.
Benefits and Features:

Eliminates ammonia smell in pet waste.
1 refill (50ml) bottle can last around 30 days.
Replacement liquid for the PETKIT PURA X Self-Clean Automated litter box.
Remove unpleasant odours, as well as formaldehyde effectively, whilst simultaneously neutralising common forms of harmful bacteria (colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida Albicans, salmonella Typhimurium, Klebsiella pneumonia, etc.)
It is able to kill 99% of the bacteria mentioned above under experimental conditions.
Also disperses a fresh pear fragrance after your cat finishes their business.
Non-toxic, safe to use around cats and other pets.
Refill solution is made from raw materials that are plant extracts, which eliminates ammonia and hydrogen sulphides in the safest way.
Direction for use:

Must be used with PETKIT PURA X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box.
Put the right amount of Petkit Pura X Concentrated Air Purifying Refill in the air purifying refill box.

This product should not be ingested.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
If you get this product in your eyes, immediately rinse the affected area with clean water and contact your doctor.
Please store in a cool, dark area directly out of sunlight.
This product may warm up slightly if left out. The colour may darken; this is perfectly normal.
Product Volume: 50ml

Product Scent: Pear

Brand: Petkit (Cat)

Have a bad indoor cat smell? PETKIT PURA X Air Purifying Refill 4x50ml is the solution for all this. Designed to be used with the Pura X Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Litter box, a solution for removing pet smells and emitting a fresh-smelling fragrance. Indeed, a pet smell neutraliser for your cat litter box and your home as well.


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