1. PETKIT Eversweet Solo SE Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain White 1.8L

The new Petkit Eversweet Solo SE Smart Pet Fountain drinker is specially designed for small and medium-sized pets. To increase healthiness, it also has a triple filter system, made up of a layer of cotton, activated carbon with coconut shell, and ion exchange resin.
The wireless pump eliminates exposed wires so pets are safer than ever to drink! Thanks to its ultra-silent pump (less than 35 dB) that won’t shock your pets, also offer you low energy consumption - when it detects the lack of water, it will turn off automatically, plus it is easy to clean!
Benefits & Features:

100% Safe for cats, dogs, and family members.
The self-developed wireless pump eliminates any exposed wires to make pet drinking safer than ever.
The main unit has no electronic accessories or power cords, which can be washed separately without any safety risk.
The fountain simulates a natural spring to encourage your fur friend to drink more water.
The roman fountain structure makes the running sound less than 35dB, giving you and your pet 100% sweet sleep.
150% greater filter capacity, improved purification, and food-grade safety for your pets.
The High-density filters hair and dust.
Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal removes odour to promote flavor.
Ion Exchange Resin removes heavy metals and protects your pet from urine disease.
The built-in led light reminds you of the fountain's working status.
The pump will automatically shut off when the water storage level is too low.
All accessories are detachable for easy cleaning of every corner.

Food-grade ABS.

Colour: White

Package Dimensions: 7.13 x 6.93 x 6.81 inches

Package Weight: ‎2.29 Pounds


Drinking is an essential part of your cat’s life and as we know, cats are fussy about drinking. Created by PETKIT, the new and improved Eversweet SOLO SE Wireless Smart Water Fountain 1.8L will hydrate your cats all day long. It produces smooth, clean, and freshwater that is loved by cats. Recommended for cats who hate drinking, this automatic cat drinker is the key!


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