1. Oxbow Harvest Stacks Western Timothy Carrot 922g

The classic Stack with a sweet, carroty twist. Oxbow’s Harvest Stacks – Western Timothy with Carrots features all-natural Western Timothy Hay in an innovative, enriching format. The addition of dried carrots makes this product impossible for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small herbivores to resist. Feed Harvest Stacks as a primary hay source or supplement with loose hay to encourage enrichment. Harvest Stacks make a great feeding option when traveling or anytime storage space is limited. Harvest Stacks are a delicious way to provide your small pet with multiple enrichment activities in one treat. Natural ingredients like Timothy Hay and Dried Carrots ensure your pet is getting the nutrition they need while enjoying a delicious, tasty experience.

Timothy Grass Hay, Dried Carrots

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