1. Optimum Dog Adult Beef Rice & Egg 700g x 12

OPTIMUM™ Adult All Breeds with Beef, Vegetables & Rice wet food offers a nutritionally complete and balanced meal for daily feeding, crafted from high-quality protein sources and wholegrains. This range prioritizes BIOAVAILABILITY, ensuring excellent nutrient absorption so that dogs can derive the maximum benefit from their food. Additionally, the OPTIMUM range is enhanced with a blend of antioxidants to support natural defence systems as part of a well-rounded nutritional approach, helping your dog maintain optimal health and vitality.

Meat (Chicken, Beef, Sheep &/Or Pork &/Or Turkey); Rice; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; Vegetable Fibre; Amino Acids; Vitamins & Minerals; Colouring Agent; Natural Flavour (Including Garlic); Plant Extracts (Contain Natural Antioxidants).

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