1. LickiMat Oh Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Green Medium

The Oh Bowl GREEN, is an Australian made veterinary-designed bowl aimed at improving your pet's dental health. Its innovative design features raised rubber tips, which encourage licking after meals to remove bacteria that cause bad odour. This licking action not only helps produce saliva that protects teeth and gums but also releases endorphins, making your pet feel relaxed. The bowl is made from human food-grade polypropylene and natural rubber (Thermoplastic Rubber), ensuring safety and durability, and is dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning. For an added treat, try smearing soft treats like yoghurt or wet food onto the bowl to keep your pet entertained. Remember to supervise your pets while using this product to prevent them from chewing the bowl.

Size: 18cm inner bowl diametre, 21.5cm outer diametre

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