1. Houndztooth Raw Boost Meal Dog Topper Digestive Health 60g

Houndztooth’s Digestive Health Meal Topper – perfect for picky eaters. Made with all-natural, single protein chicken breast, goat milk, probiotics and prebiotics, it’s an easy way to add raw to your dog’s routine. Supports sensitive stomachs and gut health. Up to 60 serves per packet ensure cost-effectiveness. Add raw to any meal: kibble, air-dried, raw, or home prepared. Made in Australia with local ingredients. Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and flavour. Grain-free and filler-free. Promote your dog’s health with the best ingredients. Try Houndztooth’s Digestive Health Meal Topper for a happy, healthy pup!

Benefits of Houndztooth’s Digestive Health Meal Topper:
🐾 Perfect solution for picky eaters: Houndztooth’s Digestive Health Meal Topper is specially crafted for dogs who are fussy about their food, ensuring they get the nutrition they need.
🐾 Supports sensitive stomach and gut health: With a combination of all-natural ingredients including chicken, pumpkin, apple, goat milk, probiotics and prebiotics, this meal topper promotes a healthy digestive system.
🐾 Cost-effective and nutrient-rich: With up to 60 serves per packet, it provides a budget-friendly way to enhance your dog’s diet with essential nutrients.
🐾 Versatile and convenient: it can be added to any meal type, including kibble, air-dried, raw, and homemade, making it adaptable to your dog’s preferences.
🐾 Made with the finest local ingredients: Houndztooth sources 100% natural Australian ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and freshness for your dog’s well-being.
🐾 Freeze-dried for optimal nutrition and taste: The unique freeze-drying process retains the nutrients and flavours of raw, whole-food ingredients, enticing even the most discerning eaters.
🐾 Grain-free and filler-free: This meal topper is crafted without grain, corn, wheat, or fillers, providing a wholesome and easily digestible option for your dog’s digestive health.
🐾 Promotes overall health and well-being: By offering your dog only the best, all-natural ingredients, this meal topper contributes to their overall health, vitality, and a shiny coat.
🐾 Suitable to feed in combination with all our dog health supplements.
Make the smart choice for your dog’s digestive health. Try Houndztooth’s Digestive Health Meal Topper and give your furry friend the benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet.

Chicken Breast (65% Protein), Pumpkin, Apple, Goat Milk Powder 4,315Mg, Probiotics & Prebiotics 10Mg, Ginger 100Mg, Turmeric 300Mg, Black Pepper, Rosemary.

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