1. Harmony No Waste Seed Block 330g

HARMONY No Waste Dry Bird Treats is 100% edible and no messy husks. Made with non germinating de-hulled seeds with added fruit and nuts.

Attract beautiful birds to the garden with the HARMONY No Waste Fruit & Nut Seed Block. Made with non-germinating and de-hulled seeds, your garden will be weed and husk free. It's nutritious and fun for the birds and easy for you!

With a handy twine hanger, simply unwrap and hang in a tree. Choose a tree with plenty of perching space so the birds can easily peck at this tasty treat.
Contains nuts. May contain traces of Sulfur Dioxide.

Groats (Hulled Oats), Sunflower Hearts, Maize, Currants, Peanuts, Honey, Sultanas, Raisins.

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