1. FuzzYard Flipside Dog Raincoat Pink

Let's throw it back to the '90s with this vintage-style Flipside windbreaker raincoat by FuzzYard. Back for 2024 with 2 new colours. This water-resistant, lightweight, sleeveless jacket is perfect for those rainy days.

This jacket is ideal for layering too. Pair it with a FuzzYard hoodie, jumper or turtle neck so you can remove it whilst your pup remains warm and dry when you stop at the coffee shop to get a break from the rain.

The Flipside Raincoat is a reversible jacket featuring 2 stylish designs, so you'll be covered no matter your mood.

This 100% hydrophobic material will keep your pet dry on rainy days. Watch the rain roll off as you hit the streets.

The material is lightweight, making it ideal for layering a sweater or hoodie underneath, be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your size.

The front chest snap buttons are excellent for easy closure and wearability, and an added harness hole means they can easily wear their harness underneath. The drawstring along the hem allows you to tighten the back to keep the coat in place, helping prevent rain from getting in.

Available in 6 sizes:
Size 1: 38-39cm (chest), 26-29cm (length), 24-26cm (neck)
Size 2: 44-45cm (chest), 30-33cm (length), 28-30cm (neck)
Size 3: 51-52cm (chest), 35-38.5cm (length), 33-35cm (neck)
Size 4: 59-60cm (chest), 40-41cm (length), 37-39cm (neck)
Size 5: 66-67cm (chest), 45-46.4cm (length), 42-44cm (neck)
Size 6: 76-77cm (chest), 59-62cm (length), 45-47cm (neck)

Key Benefits & Features:
• Reversible design
• Lightweight windbreaker, wear on it's own or layer over a hoodie or sweater
• 100% hydrophobic material
• Harness hole on the back
• Tightening drawstrings on the bottom hem
• Front chest snap buttons for easy closure and wearability

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