1. Cature Natural Wood Clumping Odor Control Plus Cat Litter

"For a fresh and clean cat litter box."

CATURE's active carbon-infused wood litter gives you a natural way of achieving bacteria and odour-free space. With its 700% water absorption, and 10-sec fast clumping ability, it will do what other products cannot do. Completely safe for all breeds and life stages of cats including kittens and seniors as well. So take a chance on something that offers quality without harmful chemicals or toxins.

You deserve the best!

Benefits & Features:

Activated Carbon Particles were infused for a stronger odour control effect.
Fragrance-free product.
100% all-natural odour control.
Made of high-quality natural materials.
Biodegradable and Eco-friendly product.
99.5% dust-free.
Recommended for all breeds and life stages of cats.
700% water absorption.
10-sec fast-clumping ability due to its distinct, sponge-like texture.
Flushable to Toilet Bowl (in small amount).
No harmful chemicals and toxins.
Formaldehyde and Industrial binders free products.
Bacteria growth and odours suppressor in the litter box.


100% Natural Wood Fibre and Activated Charcoal Particles.


Direction for Use:

Open the product and transfer the cat litter to the cat litter box.
Always clean your pet's litter box.

100% Natural Wood Fibre And Activated Charcoal Particles.

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