1. Cattitude Cat Scratching Post Soother

The Cattitude Scratching Post Soother has been designed to satisfy all your cats instincts, while fitting in beautifully with the modern home decor. With an Inbuilt massage brush for rubbing against and sisal for running their claws over, to a ball on a string and ball track for play time, this cat scratcher ticks all the boxes for maintaining your cats physical and mental health. This cat scratcher provides a perfect balance of physical and mental stimulation for your feline friend, with features ranging from an Inbuilt massage brush and sisal scratching surfaces, to a ball on a string and ball track for play time. A modern and stylish addition to any home, the Cattitude Scratching Post Soother will help keep your cats healthy and content.

Dimensions: 29 x 54cm

Sisal, Wood,Rubber,Fabric

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