1. Bravecto Spot On Large Cats 6.25-12.5Kg 2 Pack

Bravecto Spot-On for cats is a powerful treatment for flea and tick infestations, offering a single dose that effectively combats parasites for up to three months. This spot-on solution kills fleas within 12 hours of application, effectively breaking the flea life cycle by destroying both adult and newly emerged fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. It also controls flea populations in the surrounding areas of the treated cats and is instrumental in the management of flea allergy dermatitis. Bravecto is safe for kittens over 11 weeks of age and weighing more than 1.2 kg. Each pack contains 2 pipettes, providing a total of 6 months of protection. The active ingredient, fluralaner, is an insecticide and acaricide that disrupts the nervous system of arthropods, eliminating fleas and ticks and providing sustained protection against these parasites.

Usage Instructions:
To apply Bravecto Spot-On to your cat, first remove the pipette from the packaging and break open its seal. Ensure your cat is standing, then position the pipette tip at the base of your cat's head. Gently squeeze the pipette to apply all its contents directly onto the cat's skin. It's important to avoid touching the treated area until it is completely dry.

Store Bravecto Spot-On in a location inaccessible to children and pets, and ensure it is kept at or below 30°C, as the product is highly flammable and should be kept away from heat, sparks, open flames, or other ignition sources. When applying, wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact. Be careful to avoid getting the product in your cat's eyes. After application, wash your hands immediately. Prevent your cat from licking the treated area and do not apply the product directly to any skin lesions.

Suitable for: Large cats between 6.25kg to 12.5kg


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