1. Bell & Bone Small Puppy Dental Chews Beef 7 Pack
Bell & Bone’s Beef and Coconut Puppy Dental Chews have been designed specifically to support your puppy’s overall oral health and alleviate the risks of dental disease as they age. Promoting healthy chewing habits, with their unique 3-pronged shape, and with the support of two active ingredients.
Not only are they supporting your puppy’s dental hygiene but are great for mental development and releasing tension for energised puppies.
Beef provides essential proteins and nutrients for muscle development
Coconut contains essential fatty acids for joints, skin and overall gut health
Calcium and Skim Milk promote strong bones and essential nutrients for growth
What else makes Bell & Bone’s Puppy Dental Chews different?
• Vet recommended.
• Grain and filler free
• Actives to reduce bacteria buildup.
• Unique 3-pronged shape to promote chewing.
• 7 sticks per bag
• Low in fat, low in calories

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