1. Bell & Bone Dog Dental Sticks Salmon Mint and Charcoal
Bell & Bone’s Adult Salmon, Mint and Charcoal Dental Sticks help support your dog’s overall oral health. Reducing plaque and tartar build-up with their unique 3-pronged shape to encourage chewing and abrasion, and with the support of two active ingredients.

Salmon is hypoallergenic, full of omega-3 fatty acids, enhances immunity

Mint to freshen breath and support digestion

Charcoal assists in detoxification, promoting improved gut health and oral care

What else makes Bell & Bone’s Dental Sticks different?

Vet recommended
Grain and filler Free
Actives to fight plaque and tartar
Unique 3-pronged shape to promote chewing
7 sticks per bag
Low in fat, low in calories

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